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Frieza tried to act tough, and pretend that he wasn't scared, but Goku knew batter. It's just so hard to control myself. Frieza rocked against him, wanting the saiyan as deep inside of him as he could get. Frieza shivered again, then realized that Goku wasn't holding him anymore, that he could run. He was brought closer and closer to the edge and he cried out in anticipation of his climax when suddenly he noticed something tight on his cock.

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The saiyan loosened his grip to something more pleasant for the ice-jin, lightly tugging.

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Frieza grunted as the saiyan pulled out of him, his sheath sliding down lazily. Frieza stopped fighting his restraints for a moment to look at the saiyan who looked at him. It made all my other muscles bigger, why this one? This is pretty much a pwp between two characters that I haven't seen many satisfactory fics between.

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