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Do you rely on Snopes reporting? While some of these rumors are true a topless woman really was visible in the home video version of their animated feature The Rescuers , the majority of these claims are based on overactive imaginations or some form of digital manipulation. We chronicle various cases of contest participants suing after receiving 'gag' prizes rather than the valuable merchandise they thought they'd won. In the latter category, an animated GIF featuring the characters Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Peg Leg Pete in a cheese factory, showing Mickey seemingly using an obscene method to poke holes in a block of Swiss cheese, was not something even included in a real Disney film:. Origin The pages of snopes. Although there are many reasons why Steamboat Willie is considered an animated classic e. The characters in this GIF are all featured in the Disney cartoon short Steamboat Willie , but that animated classic does not contain a scene set in a cheese factory.

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Why It Makes Perfect Sense for MTV to Host the VMAs and Not Show Music Videos

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On the flip side, if a president is impeached but not convicted , is that person prevented from running for a second term?

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Does This Disney Cartoon Show Mickey Mouse Inappropriately Making Swiss Cheese?

But even without knowing the source behind this image, viewers can spot many other factors that demonstrate it was not part of an official Disney film. It appears that B3ta user Drimble took images from Steamboat Willie and then added his own animations on top of the original frames. Although there are many reasons why Steamboat Willie is considered an animated classic e. Advocates are concerned about the downstream effects of the new rule if it goes into effect as is.

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