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Makes sims go nude in the tattoo screen. Changes all menus where woohoo appears including the text in sims wants menu and moodlets. Now sims with "Artistic" trait could paint Sextendo on their easels. Doubles the facial slider range. You must download and install the mods manually below. Before attempting to install the super nude patch or ANY mods please make sure to run through this checklist!

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Nude Mod/Patch for The Sims 3

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You can download and install any of the mods and install them if you wish if you don't have your games installed into the default directories or if your having trouble running the exe file such as macs.

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"Sims 3" nude mods

Doubles the facial slider range. Choose a download below if you choose the full install file once downloaded and extracted double click the EXE file and follow the on screen instructions. Enables a few base game rings, earrings, and watches for the Naked outfit. Adds real sex animations and allows your sims to have sex anytime on a bed, floor or couch.

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