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The Tattle of Hastings — a Kamloops curling coronation February 3, No, because they are too expensive, even with the rebates. While the fate of the land remains unclear, Culos is charging ahead to prepare for construction of some sort, erecting the fence and chopping down trees. Walsh sees three options to regain control, all of which he would consider, including: rezoning the land to be more restrictive, buying the property back or trading city property with similar value. Earlier this month, three stands of trees, roughly eight metres 27 feet in height, were cut down on the two plots of land.

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Culos owns the building that used to house The Keg restaurant and adjacent land, but has thus far not been able to develop condos on the parcels.

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Real estate listings from recent years indicate Culos had put the lots and the Keg building up for sale. He said he would not have voted in favour of the sale and noted the area sees more than , visitors to the region each year via Rocky Mountaineer. No, because they are too expensive, even with the rebates. Kamloops Swiss Chalet restaurant to close this week February 3,

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