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When they are happy, we are happy. That is, until Homecoming, when her affections for Nicole turn into displays that are a little too public for her police officer girlfriend's taste. Nothing puts a damper on a relationship like your sister shooting your girlfriend in the chest in order to make a quick getaway. Then again, WayHaught isn't a normal couple, and Nicole is a "super smart" cop who remembers to actually put on her vest before entering into an apocalypse-like scenario. Then again, they're interrupted by a surprising prude Doc, and things have to be put on hold.

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Of course, we never get to see where this moment may have been headed, because Wynonna walks right on into the room and ruins it for everyone.

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It's just a kiss before Nicole heads off to work, but Waverly is wearing a cheerleading uniform and has just finished putting on a show for her lady. Insecure and timid Nicole is not a version of this character we get to see very often, and it was a beautiful moment to see Waverly reassuring her for a change. Plus, Nicole double checks with Waverly to make sure she's absolutely positive about what they're about to do.

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