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All I know is I'm getting a lot more head than I normally would and I couldn't be happier!! The salt's always good for a sore throat, though! I mean, you should not have to suffer. Hint: Drink alcohol and fruit juice combined for the best tasting cum. What I found to be the next best thing possibly even better is that she slowly lets it ooze out of her mouth while sucking best done while sitting up.

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If you make a fist when he is about to blow and place it between his balls and his asshole, it really cuts down on "the load" that has to be swallowed.

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That would be totally wrong and would make your man think you didn't like it. I may feel like barfing, but the feeling passes when a man's strong hand covers my mouth and his other rubs the front of my neck and forces me to swallow his cum. My tip is to just swallow in one big gulp, no taste. I barely tried swallowing because of one bad taste experience, but now I always have a glass with Coca Cola ready.

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