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The separation of figure from environment as well as figures from each other, offers an opportunity to look at things independently and out of context, as if everything were possible and changeable again. As a domestic fiction, the household maintains a bodily arrangement, a particular distribution of resources and erotics. On these scored parchments, images are plotted, outlined, and iterated like a garment from a sewing pattern. Ich bin schon sehr gespannt darauf! The further amplification of these pictures by captions is meant to endow the work with the presence of an inspirational poster. But something resists that house arrest — maybe some remnants, a crowd of them.

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Lars Friedrich

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In part sentimental and in other ways insincere, its lines are culled from centuries of social comment and lyric product.

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Vickie Richter in Washington

Cycles of life and laundry are flattened, witchcraft colludes with juvenalia. There are so many times here and there , and in assembling — collectivizing, making a body — they disassemble beneath the order reproductive management. She filled each surface with paper — wet, squeezed paper — and its chewed pulp absorbed surface: transient, impersonal dirt held wet and encased by contact.

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