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Many times when people needed potions, lotions or tonics, they would call Dick Gregory. And even if he got it right, he risked being typecast for the rest of his career, like most every other actor who ever played a superhero. Either there is a precise number of grains at which point a heap becomes a nonheap, or there is no such thing as a heap, or classical logic is flawed perhaps it is only ever sort of true that something is a heap. Occasionally, she would take me to some interviews. The Roches were a quintessential band apart, united in a shared language. How much more to my liking was his answer than mine! As characters on other prime-time shows wrestled with racism and sexism, the Cunninghams were, for the most part, still oblivious to the revolutions to come, their comforts unchallenged.

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Erin Moran, TV’s Darling Daughter, Fended for Herself When the Cameras Stopped Rolling

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To ignore that responsibility was to sin against the larger climbing community.

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#TheFappening: Erin Moran Nude

It was a time of rudimentary medicine on the island. Mirzakhani grew up in Tehran with dreams of becoming a writer. One of her Stanford University graduate students said Mirzakhani portrayed problems in mathematics not as daunting logical conundrums but as animated tableaus. But that was him, healing through laughter or through his hands.

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