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Thru-hikers, weekend backpackers and day hikers annually unite across the globe for one day to shamelessly hit the trails in their birthday suits. This post may contain affiliate links. Naked hiking day is the day when clothes come off and body parts breath freely. Some of this newly exposed skin might not have ever seen daylight, so don't forget to protect it with sunscreen. Just because your body is bare does not mean you should hike without supplies - including food, proper footwear, gear AND clothes. AKA - no prickly bushes, rock scrambles, etc that could harm your baby soft skin. It is held on Summer Solstice, which is June 21st.

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When Solstice ain't enough: Seattle's best nude parks

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Hike naked only where it is legal and proceed baring all at your own risk.

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Ask the land owner when in doubt. As long as you are not sexual about it, you are good to go. Note we are not advocating breaking the law. This post may contain affiliate links.

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