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It also features exclusive costumes which serve as an homage to other Capcom franchises. On October 10, , it was announced that Dead Rising 3 was not approved by Germany's rating board and would not be released there. After surviving an attack from Mallon, Nick discovers that Gary had captured Annie and he refuses to let her go. Each one focuses on exploring the zombie outbreak in Los Perdidos depicted in the main story, through the point of view of a different survivor, whom Nick met during the main story. As Nick is about to take off with the others, he overhears on the radio that Hemlock is planning to create a biological weapon with the zombies. Nick then tracks her down but fails to convince her to come with him. Players retain the ability to create "combo weapons", but without the need for a workbench, allowing them to craft weapons on the fly.

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The General is ultimately killed in a confrontation with Nick, who escapes the city with the others, leading to the creation and distribution of a cure to the zombie infection.

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After the credits, it is revealed that Isabella was truly responsible for the outbreak, convincing Mallon to begin it so that the carrier of the immunity would be revealed, and successfully making herself the creator of the cure while clearing her family name from Carlito's crimes in Willamette. On June 16, a developer of Dead Rising 3 has revealed on the Steam forums that uncapping the framerate would not cause damage to the game. Archived from the original Online Shopping on 28 November

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