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This relationship is more about dominance and submission, as well as recreating the emotions and experiences of childhood. They have standards they live by and will impose them on you. A female cuckold is a submissive woman who derives masochistic pleasure by looking at her partner have sex with another person. Sensual dominance celebrates pleasure over pain and does not involve violence, aggression, or humiliation. Switches may be looked down on by some people in their community for not being able to make up their minds.

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Extortion happens through verbal abuse and sometimes consensual blackmail.

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Clothed female, naked male CFNM refers to a scenario, usually sexual in nature, in which a female is wearing clothes and a male is not. Age play and role-playing as a mommy is not related to paedophilia in any way, contrary to what some may believe. An owner may give a pet or slave a collar to wear as a symbol of the relationship.

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