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What's your guiltiest pleasure? Where's the sexiest place for a guy to get inked? How can a guy catch your attention? Probably the amount of childlike foods I still like to eat, like Spaghettios and Gushers. They're more concerned about getting a quality tattoo. Do you have a favorite tattoo that you've given someone? On top of all that, she's struck sultry poses for Inked magazine , worked with big-name clothing brands like Affliction, and opened a second tattoo studio in New York City through a partnership with Grit N Glory, a rock 'n roll lifestyle shop.

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What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Megan Massacre

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I usually like guys who are ambitious and passionate when it comes to their careers.

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Megan Massacre nude

I have a few favorites, it changes from time to time. They're more concerned about getting a quality tattoo. Do your customers ever hit on you?

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  1. She squirmes at first when touched- cold hands? lol.