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Your hand twisted in my hair you draw my head back and look into my eyes again…. I can feel the wave of orgasm building. Then and only then do you bring your lips to mine forcefully, devouring my mouth. You ravish my mouth with your tongue and I moan with pleasure. In and out your fingers slide and I know I am going to cum again. I step back from you to follow your instructions. You follow your finger with your tongue, trailing a warm wet path on my skin.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

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I feel you slide first one then two fingers inside my hot wetness while you massage my clit with your tongue.

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You begin to slide your rod in and out of me, feeling me tighten and around you pulling you back inside me. You begin to stroke my body with your fingertips. You slide your cock out of my mouth moving lower and lower down my body.

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