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Nintendogs Words fail to accurately convey exactly how I feel about this. Tetris I saved the best for last. In fact, it exists copiously, for some very peculiar reason. Is it someone recording their own lustful pants over Jenn Frank's calm, smooth voice? Is it the black, empty eyes peering vapidly into your soul? It's cool that we all have different ways of getting freaky, that we're actively battling negative cultural homogeneity and just, you know, exploring the limits of human pleasure.

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10 Games We Wish Rule 34 Didn't Apply To

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I know it exists because Twitter.

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Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. Dungeons of Dredmor I suppose I could see how Diggles might be construed as sexy, what with their suggestive drill-snouts and penchant for digging into deep, dark dungeons. But regardless of whether it's a product of specialized tastes, lolz or just continuity's sake, one thing's for certain: Rule 34 is, uh, an interesting component of modern society.

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