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And, others say the reason behind the gender orgasm gap is the cultural prioritisation of the male orgasm. Your sexual partner just jubilantly crossed the finish line, but you're still running a race with no end in sight. Vanderlinde says there are sometimes other things at play that could be standing in the way of reaching orgasm. Holloway says men need to know that "until they have the map to their partner's pleasure" it's going to be a "voyage of discovery. It also gives the woman "the freedom to have more control of the movements" so you can get into a rhythm that feels good, according to Holloway. Claire Kim, program manager at sex education site OMGYES , says in hetero penetrative sex, "in and out friction" is what's pleasurable for the man, but this action isn't conductive to the level of clitoral stimulation women need.

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Anna Kendrick Had An Interesting Reaction After A Guy Made Her Orgasm For The First Time

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Vanderlinde says doggy style can be a good position for clitoral stimulation.

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Anna Kendrick High-Fived The First Guy To Give Her An Orgasm

Angela Skurtu— sex therapist and cohost of the About Sex podcast—says couples should masturbate together so they can see see "how each person touches themselves. We're using cookies to improve your experience. A study from University of Wisconsin-Madison found a third of university-age women can't identify their clitoris in an anatomy test.

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