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They wanked him off until they saw that he was about to orgasm, then let go. She tells him that he is a pussy. My girlfriend gave me a ruined orgasm last night, i spat on her and threw her out of my car. She tied me down and gave me a ruined orgasm. Ruined orgasm is when a broad slowly cock teases you to the point of orgasm and stops just before you cum leaving your cock throbbing. I lost my hard-on and not a drop of sperm came out.

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When a man or woman gets their lady so close to orgasm, that she's aching , moaning and tightening her pussy.

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This leads to the guy feeling very unfufilled and his penis is usually to tired to masturbate again, so basicaly he is left with sperm all over himself and nothing to show for it. Its cool to watch as the penis bobs up and down as it ejaculates the semen. We held him down and made him have a ruined orgasm. Bill was masturbating to some dirty words on Urban Dictionary like Horny, Penis, Masturbation, Caught in the act, Wet Dream and Wild Wank , when his friends suddenly came in and grapped his hands, holding them down.

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