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On September 13, , iDubbbzTV created a "Content Cop" video, as part of his on-going series on YouTube creators, on Calvin, criticizing his videos' content for in iDubbbz's opinion having a bad format and overall low quality with repetitive jokes. He claims that Calvin's response was "Well you can bot the likes It was also mentioned by WildSpartanz that Calvin isn't passionate about YouTube any more and decided to quit. However, it turned out to be a glitch. Keemstar attempted to invite both parties to DramaAlert later on to discuss the matter, but failed. LeafyIsHere and Billy the Fridge. The video got a lot of attention, getting over two million views.

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In the video, he talked about how his girlfriend broke up with him because she thought that Calvin's video had a point.

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He also posted on his community tab. LeafyIsHere and Billy the Fridge. The first incident was when his and Colossal is Crazy 's sub count spiked on Social Blade.

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