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He let me go to town on his cock, flexing both arms above his head to assert his dominance… a level of masculinity I could never achieve. The thick shaft sliding to the back of your palette, forced down into your throat. Before I could say a word he shoved his thick shaft down my throat, pulling my head closer to the base of his cock. Maybe I would see him again… maybe I would build up the courage to talk to him. I was in heaven… this was everything I was looking for. You dropped your towel revealing a thick hung cock hanging freely.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

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Whenever there was a big game coming up I knew where I would be.

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I was smashing through some cardio on the treadmill when I started to feel someone watching me. His body the definition of masculinity. Imagining a long thick throbbing cock hanging from a ripped muscular body, making your mouth water.

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