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Dear Yaja, Thanks for your detailed response and i see that there is a valid point in yours. Is that enough for the stamping?. Maybe it is my wishful thinking, but i feel that seeing mass LUD updates on 2 consecutive Sundays is too much to be a mere coincidence. Again as I said, I see no problem at all. Another question is: Can we visit local USCIS office for the temporary green card stamp based on the email got from immigration. We just have email from immigration Our question is on what should be the valuable document that can be shown as eligibility proof to work as we have not received I mail and cards yet.

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I will post my favorit picture i have taken so far and have edited to see what you guys think.

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I am not very familiar with navigating the US legislation system. I also want something that is upgradable and longlasting for even proffesional photography. Get a letter from the new employer with the starting date.

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