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Science NASA's Scott Kelly spent a year on board the International Space Station to test the effects of space travel on his body, while his identical twin and fellow astronaut Mark Kelly remained on earth. There are actually many different forms of levitation including something called acoustic levitation, which uses powerful sound waves to trap objects in mid-air. Science Videos of a new product being called an invisibility cloak recently surfaced online. Seema Yasmin breaks down everything you should know about the growing Coronavirus outbreak. What makes the Avengers different from the Guardians of the Galaxy? Science Deepfakes may seem like an internet scourge, but so-called "hyperreal" masks have fooled people in real-life and have even been used in crimes. Culture The 's nostalgia and sci-fi show Stranger Things returns for season three with a new setting: The Starcourt Mall.

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Edith Widder and a team of scientists captured the first footage of a live giant squid in U.

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Science Scientists captured and released the first-ever picture of a black hole. The solar sail is propelled only by sunlight, and its technology holds promise for early detection of major events in space, as well as travel across vast distances. Anne Pringle, who is a mycologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, explains everything you need to know about what these slime molds are and how they fit into our ecosystem. What makes the Avengers different from the Guardians of the Galaxy?

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