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In Season 4, Darwin began showing heavy feelings for Carrie Krueger. This article has multiple issues. His obsession with food can sometimes be his undoing, such as when he was supposed to help his wife in "The Spoon," but he ends up licking a sausage on the floor instead. Gumball tells him he needs to get back into dating to show Carmen he's moved on. Ocho is a small but tough 8-bit spider. In the episode "The Watch", he feuds with Gumball and Darwin over possession of a gold watch, an heirloom which the Wattersons and Finkleheimers have feuded over for several generations. Even is commonly seen wearing a pale brown hat, green sweater with blue slacks.

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Gumball is gonna go tell everyone of her plan but Masami turns into a huge storm and rampages through the school taking Alan with her.

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In "The Ex", it is seen that Banana Joe was his new nemesis. He makes his first appearance in "The Lesson," and another appearance in "The Finale" near the end among the angry crowd. His mannerisms are similar to those of Mr. She acts as a guide to her sons when they get in a tough spot with their misadventures.

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