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Most shemale escorts are pre op, and represent about the same number in terms of percentages when compared to the general transsexual population. Some of the primary reasons include the expensive medical bills, time lost from their work, complications that can result from surgery or simply a lack of interest in going to that much effort in order to have their genitals altered. Atlanta Savannah Stone Mountain. Pre op transsexuals generally take hormone supplements to increase the amount of testosterone or estrogen in their system. Let us know in the field below. Respect must be given and clients should understand that the subject matter may be emotionally troubling or unwanted as part of a conversation.

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What does Pre Op mean?

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Baton Rouge New Orleans Shreveport.

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Do you have a suggestion or found a bug? There is a strong sexual fetishization and desire from some clients to engage sexually with a shemale, making their companionship sought after and desirable. There are several reasons why an individual that wishes to live as the opposite gender they were born with would want to avoid an operation.

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