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We all know truth or dare is never that simple. But it went pretty alright. Website Episode 1 youtube the bright sessions lgbt series english. Everything flows extremely well. The Bright Sessions - This is a bit of a different medium than what is usually posted here. The level of queerness this show has is amazing and it shocked me that they aired this on Cartoon Network of all places. Send me your good vibes gay coming out excited nervous surprise what's your story?

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Please Don’t Judge Me But…

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From the wonderful lead Ryan to the amazing mother that is always supporting him, the extroverted friend that will stand against the evil that can be their boss and the struggles that they face internally, and all the characters in between.

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And then tomorrow my aunt and uncle. The one negative thing I would say about this is that it has really short episodes clocking in at around 15 minutes, and with 8 episodes it took me only a few hours to watch the whole thing. This is a lot of ground for me to overcome in a single weekend. Many ways to listen to it such as youtube, apple podcast, soundcloud, etc.

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