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JJ: What was it like working with director Philip Noyce? We had these bikes, these bicycles that basically everybody in this community has to get around. We spent so much time having to ride these bikes, and I fell into a bush, on camera. The film is very similar to the book in spirit, but the events have been shifted, in new, exciting ways. Favorite scene to shoot on that film? Click inside for our complete exclusive interview with Cameron Monaghan …. And they would be always falling apart while you were riding them.

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Cameron Monaghan shirtless | Tumblr

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Where are you at in shooting, have you finished this season?

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Shameless' Cameron Monaghan: Just Jared Spotlight of the Week (Exclusive!)

JJ : Describe your co-stars in one word. I love movies, so I felt like I belonged there. Just Jared: What was your experience like at Sundance this year? No one has any idea where this season is going.

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