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A hen party is the ultimate ladies night, but a nyone who's been to a hen party will know that they can be hard work. But then the hen's future mother-in-law cuts you all with a look:. Many, many selfies are taken in the toilets:. Of course, even though they can be a challenge, getting all the girls together to celebrate the bride is always a wonderful thing even if you do want to drown the chief bridesmaid in prosecco by the end of the night. Enquire here or give us a call on Our package finder save's the average group 17 euro per person. Compare s of Hen Party Packages to find the best value trip.

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28 Things That Happen At Literally Every Hen Party

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The taxi comes, and it's time to round everyone up:.

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Stag and Hen Ideas

One of the single girls starts crying because no one wants to marry her:. And because of the in-laws, the bride really isn't too impressed when you surprise her with a stripper:. Enquire here or give us a call on So pretty much like every girl's night out, but with more glitter and crying.

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