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The short-haired kunoichi put a defensive hand at her chest while her other hand flew out angrily. Exactly how long had he been stockpiling?! Taking her mouth away from the duo of cocks, she turned her head to glare back at the blonde tightly sandwiched between her and the tree. Almost immediately, Naruto fell back out of sheer shock from the revelation that she was nude. She combed her fingers through her short, black hair before leering back down at him. Kurotsuchi is stuck supervising Naruto.

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An arm crossed over her chest so Naruto couldn't steal any perverted peeks.

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He couldn't possibly think that this was worthy enough to be considered an S-rank mission. He wasn't bad looking, she could concede, but in her eyes, he was still just a kid — though she wasn't much older herself. His efforts did not slow; they doubled due to Kurotsuchi's grunts and groans.

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