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Alex moved her hand down Jeff's chest to the hem of his shirt, taking that off in the same way Jeff had taken hers. I'm not saying I'm actually going to have sex, but if it happens, it happens. But think about it; neither of us can find the right person, who we love and who loves us. And by the way, you have some on your face. Max's room was directly across the hall from the bathroom, and there was a hall closet after that. Alex complied, sitting at the opposite edge of the couch as him. He slid his fingernails down Alex's back again and Alex shivered under his touch.

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He was about o move out from underneath her sleeping embrace, when her hand began to move.

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When her mouth was again empty, she bent back down and sucked Justin's cock until it was clean. She carried her thickness in a way that was sensual. She could hear the shrill noise of the bell ringing through the house, and the patter of socked feet against hardwood floor. All in all, her curvy young body was greatly desired by all the boys in school.

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