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He is also engaged to his cousin. The film is then allowed to show its true colours as a wonderfully tense thriller fueled by the relationships connecting these men. That is a feeling that director Leos Carax sought to maintain in his film. In it, a bullfighter is forced into premature retirement after being violently gored in the ring. Though she appears calm and in control to her peers, she has a highly problematic home life that has caused her to become highly sexually repressed. There he meets and befriends Henri and Michel, the latter of whom he is instantly attracted to and begins to pursue.

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25 Movies With Unsimulated Sex

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And this repression has resulted in sadomasochistic and voyeuristic tendencies, as well as fairly serious self-harm.

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10 Sexually Explicit (Banned) Movies from Around the World

This improvisational angle allows for some especially naturalistic scenes that would be much harder to produce using traditional methods. Follow the author Instagram Facebook and view more articles. As such it needed to be cut for release in several countries due to the sex and sexual violence that it depicted.

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