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An extremely powerful martial artist, both in terms of armed and hand-to-hand combat, she boasts shocking physical strength and proves herself capable of easily subduing multiple enemies in a flash and overpowering larger opponents such as mountain grizzly bears, and even the Homunculus Sloth. Izumi is a rather attractive and deceptively young-looking woman despite being middle-aged. Her specific alchemy-style seems to focus more on her immediate surroundings and how best to use them to her advantage. Although Izumi takes apparent pride in being a simple housewife and introduces herself as such to anyone who asks, her attractive and humble exterior belies a fearsome disposition such that Ed and Al become terrified at the mere thought of aggravating her. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Additionally, Izumi appears to greatly enjoy travel a trait she may have passed on to Edward , as many of her appearances in the series find her journeying outside her hometown.

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Izumi Curtis

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However, despite her frequently aggressive nature, Izumi is a remarkably caring, wise and perceptive woman always willing to help those in need, especially children.

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She is fairly tall and fair-skinned with dark-eyes, a slender frame with a curvaceous yet well-toned figure, and upperback-length black hair worn in box braids. She normally wears a long white collared-blouse with a flowing backside, form-fitting grey pants reaching her ankles, and opened-toed sandals that have the letters "W. Izumi is a rather attractive and deceptively young-looking woman despite being middle-aged.

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