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Been jamming out to it at work instead of music. It is clear to me now that game is more like I am here to dick you down and the girl is just trying to keep her cool about it, but she eventually just gives in to what she wants. I used to try and convince girls that they want dick, my dick to be exact, but now I have all the time in the world. You are not a fragment anymore, which is how the ego perceives itself. They are just inclined to stare and grab and fondle and suck and fuck it lol.

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At least, this is how I did it before I had my most wonderful gf.

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The podcast links are busted but I pulled up about 5 of them with an app, but I know MW had lots of other audio content right? PS and so is your dick :D ;. I completely agree, my man, and so does my dick. It is actually a really good tactical move on girls' parts when they pretend to see if a guy is weak, but that is another topic for another thread on this forum of glory and life.

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