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I made a list of all the possible characters that the mane six could meet up with throughout the story, and I promise I really tried not to make Twilight the main character overall. Twilight grit her teeth, holding onto Moondancer's hips. But then I ran into the issue of figuring out which character to turn into a futa, but that went fucking nowhere because all of them fit into an archetype that could be used for a futa. It wasn't everyday people got to practice their magic with a princess, especially not one who seemed to physically embody the craft to the degree that Twilight did. Twilight's member throbbed, not having cum and now feeling she wouldn't get the chance to as she felt Moondancer's juices drip down her shaft. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted.

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A second or two passed before the door opened, and Moondancer stepped out of her house to begin practicing her magic with Twilight.

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Both were silent and frozen for a moment as Twilight's clothes, now not being worn, fell to the ground while a perfectly naked Twilight starred in surprise. I figured it'd be fine to start with my basic story format of taking a character and making them into a futa. B-by accident of course, nothing like that happened," Twilight said, "After I made my friends in Ponyville, we eventually learned that we had more than a few things in common. Twilight groaned, focusing at first on just moving her hips in rhythm with Moondancer's.

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