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As to the crossed breast bands see however Opificius , , who connects them to those of Ishtar and places them in relation to her martial character. I prefer to leave out the question since I am unable to contribute in any significant way to a discussion which is mostly textually based. Groningen; Styx Publications, Necklaces, bands and belts on Mesopotamian figurines. For an Akkadian example of a small scale seal owner see the seal of UR. For texts mentioning monkeys in association with the chief musician gala see Dunham , , see also , 26 on their general associ- ation with music. For a symbolic function of the bow-legged figure see Wiggermann ,

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See Cooper ; Lambert ; Silver ; contra Assante

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Service obligations of the kezertu-women. On female sealing practices in OB Mesopotamia see Colbow II: Musik des Altertums 2, Mesopotamien.

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