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Next, do one that helps me come to terms with how soulless bad guys always hesitate when they have the perfect opportunity to kill someone off. She had no way of knowing the seeds were already there waiting to be activated. Most likely no one managed to pull that off when he ruled the world, because who could ever have established such bedrock-strong friendships in a world where they knew their friends could be turned on them at Discord's whim? Such an interpretation retroactively cheapens Nightmare Moon and Discord's characters, cheapens their stories by making their defeats more contrived, and cheapens the Elements themselves and the rest of FiM's mythology by extension. It's his failure to avoid the Elements when they outwardly seem so slow-moving and awkward that causes her to think he's an idiot, so that's the part she calls him out on, and that's the part he challenges her on.

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My Little Brony

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In that moment, I could finally see just how far I was taking this whole thing.

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Dodge Junction

She had no way of knowing the seeds were already there waiting to be activated. Stories Blog Followers Following. I'm so glad I found this especially with out being so new, I will be forwarding it on to my fellow discord lovers :.

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  1. Why is this downrated? I laughed so hard at it, you have my support, sir xD

  2. I think she is Harper and I guess they go by the name 'Harper and Max'

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